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November 21, 2007

Never Give Anything Away

Tennis Racket

Tennis can be a very frustrating sport even for the most talented of players.  It seems to be very common these days to see top pros curse and/or smash their rackets in the middle of matches.  Roger Federer seems to be a rather calm player now and doesn’t smash rackets during matches, even when he is losing.  However, when he was a teenager, Federer has said that he had a very bad temper.  There are several players at the very

top of the tennis rankings who one has probably never seen smash a racket, e.g. Rafael Nadal, Justine Henin and Maria Sharapova.   Think about it… have you ever seen one of them smash a tennis racket?  That is yet another impressive “accomplishment” to add to their tennis resumes.  Nadal, Henin, Sharapova and many other tennis pros face incredible pressures and disappointments at times in their matches.  However, Rafa, Justine and Maria manage to channel their frustrations in ways that focus on fighting for the next point rather than venting by breaking a racket.  It’s a lesson that hopefully is not lost on the next generation of rising tennis pros. 

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